April 6, 2011
Hip Hop is International

LifeandTimes.com (Jay-Z’s newly launched website) takes a walk with Parisian beat maker Onra, who was on a 6 week U.S music tour from France. While referring to his MPC’s as his ‘babies’, they are his instruments that he both performs and creates music with.

Video footage of him crate digging for inspirations to keep his sound updated, LifeandTimes.com captures images of his energy and passion for his natural talent-making music. “Even if it doesn’t sound hip hop sometimes, depending on the album, Chinese music, 80’s, funk, reggae, whatever, it is Hip Hop no matter what.” Onra explains to the camera that he enjoys the feeling of hip hop’s energy, which is his reason for being an innovative music creator. Check out behind the scenes footage of Onra setting up, performing, and digging to create hip hop the way he loves it.